General Information

Program Philosophy

The BIDMC-HPRTP is a collaborative and supportive postgraduate medical education program designed to train physicians to become leaders in the field of psychiatry. The program uses an apprentice-style model, and combines the strengths of partnering institutions to graduate sophisticated, patient-focused, professional psychiatrists knowledgeable in all areas of psychopathology, pharmacology, psychotherapy, and the neurosciences.

Supervision and Administration

Throughout the course of the training program, each resident is assigned to a training mentor who will oversee their development and career planning throughout the residency. Additionally, each resident will have several faculty members as supervisors with whom he or she meets over the course of a year at a frequency varying from twice weekly to twice monthly. The purpose is to discuss all aspects of the resident's clinical work. It is in this setting that the resident's clinical interactions can be most closely reviewed. As such, it is often through supervision that the resident learns the most about his or her patients and their illnesses as well as about the range of treatment approaches. Supervision is also an opportunity for the residents to work closely with a variety of clinically seasoned faculty members who have different perspectives, interests, and areas of expertise. Each resident receives four to six hours per week of individual and group supervision throughout the program.