Call Schedule

Varies in setting and frequency depending on the academic year.


Six weeks of night float, plus weekend half day call shifts approximately 2-3 per month while on psychiatry and neurology rotations.


PGY2 residents each complete four individual weeks of night float (five nights per week). During weeks when there is no PGY2 on night float, PGY2s take overnight call on weeknights averaging once per every ten weeknights. Each PGY2 takes approximately seven 24-hour calls on weekend days.  


The PGY3s  will work a twilight shift in the ED (6-10 PM M/T/W/Th) averaging 1-2 shifts per month. PGY3s also take seven 24-hour calls on weekend days.


PGY4s provide backup phone call from home approximately one to two weekdays per month and 5-6 weekends per year to provide teaching and support to underclassmen.

PGY2s, 3s, and 4s also participate in teaching calls for their junior colleagues during the summer.